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Criminal is Rebuilding...

lutey / Aug 29, 2015 / Recruitment
Criminal is in Rebuild/Reload mode for LEGION.

Warlords did to Criminal what it did to WoW, beat it down and nearly broke it.

As a Gm of Criminal, and the Recruitment officer, it's sad to return from my hiatus and see a guild that was one of the top Raiding Guilds on Tichondrius, and in the Top 1000 Raiding Guilds World Wide through MoP to WoD broken and beaten... but because we're down doesn't mean we're out.

So with that in mind we're looking for everything and anyone just to rebuild as a start. Build anew and restart that spark. I know myself being a stay at home dad that it's hard to always be on, always stay on board and get to raiding or get dailies. That's why we are looking to rebuild right now, reform some of that lost community over the last few patches, and bring back the fun to a GAME.

Now with the wane of Warlords and the slow onset of Legion, we are going to take a well deserved break. After a long discussion with the other officers we have come to the conclusion that we are too far behind in HFC. With Mythic being no where in the near future, we have decided its time for a break from Raiding. Hopefully our Raiders of old and new will come back with a vengeance in LEGION. So We Will Be Prepared to face the onslaught of the Burning Legion and Corporate Shenanigans of Blizzard, we look towards the future and move forward hoping to see many join us.

Apply Here on the site or add me Lutey to Btags MattLute#1954 if you are interested in joining us for LEGION.


Ill be here for Legion. Feel free to add me JessiBear#1702
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