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Raid Absences and Notice

Kaistine - Sunday 12/4

I will be missing raid on this day.
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Kaistine173Member avatar small Kaistine 264d
Raid Absences and Notice

Missing a few possibly

15th of December (Flying home) and will be gone from 23rd of December to 29th on vacation with family.
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Iriss054Member avatar small Iriss 264d
Raid Absences and Notice

snusey 11-4 until 11-15

i might be back the 15th that night but i will be late
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Snusey188Member avatar small Snusey 292d
Raid Absences and Notice


I am going to be late for raid, I have to work until the store closes. Should be home a bit after 10pm PST
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Raid Absences and Notice

We're Back!!!

We're Back!!!
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